Orchard Park - Sandy Springs, Georgia

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Last updated 4/15/2021

Orchard Park is a neighborhood shopping center in Sandy Springs, GA located at the intersection of Dunwoody Club Drive and Jett Ferry Road. Orchard Park contains 87,365 SF and is anchored by one of the top ten Kroger stores in the Atlanta market. This is an upscale residential area centered around a commercial hub. Sandy Springs and adjoining Dunwoody continue to be one of Atlanta's most desirable areas to live. Other tenants include Sport Clips, Lauderhill's Jewelry, the iconic Los Rancheros Restaurant, 20/15 Eye Care and Jilli's Boutique.

2090 Dunwoody Club Drive
Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Total SF:
Land Area:
10.53 acres

1 mile
3 miles
5 miles 246,833
Average Household Income:

1 mile
3 miles
5 miles $123,101

Major Tenants: Kroger, Subway, Jett Ferry Dental Group, Los Rancheros Restaurant, 20/15 Eyecare

Leasing Contact: Walter Minerbi
P: 301.986.6116