11503 Rockville Pike/5541 Nicholson Lane - Rockville, MD
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Last updated 10/24/2023

11503 Rockville Pike and 5541 Nicholson Lane are located near the intersection of Rockville Pike (Rt. 355) in Rockville, Maryland. The properties are situated directly between the White Flint Mall and the White Flint Metro Station. The properties are characterized by strong demographics and high traffic volumes.The Company is actively engaged in master planning the properties for redevelopment in the future. The zoning, in close proximity to the White Flint Metro, will allow multi-story, mixed-use development including retail, office and residential uses.

11503 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

5541 Nicholson Lane
Rockville, MD 20852

11503 Rockville Pike
Total Land SF: 20,149
Land Area: 1.9 acres
5541 Nicholson  
Total Land SF: 20,100
Land Area: 1.06 acres

Rockville Pike:
Nicholson Lane:

51,306 +/-ADT
24,082 +/-ADT
1 mile 23,894
  3 miles 139,208
  5 miles 221,461
Average Household Income:
1 mile $168,472
  3 mile $178,042
  5 miles $199,385

11503 Rockville Pike Contact: Jeff Topchik
P: 301.986.6116

5541 Nicholson Lane Contact: Jeff Topchik
P: 301.986.6116